The Centre d’Etudes Cliniques is an independent Contract Research Organisation offering clinical trials in cosmetics, dermatology and nutrition.

Located in Mauritius, the Centre d’Etudes Cliniques offers opportunities to test on Indian, African, Asian and Caucasian volunteers allowing the conduction of studies in a multiethnic context.



You are a user of cosmetic products: hygiene products, skin care products, make-up products, sunscreen products and wish to become a volunteer.



Contact our customer service.Send us a message via the contact form and our Customer Service will answer you as soon as possible.

Clinical Testing

You will find all the necessary information concerning cosmetic clinical studies and food supplement clinical studies.

  • Cosmetic clinical studies
    -Tolerance Test
    -Efficacy Test
  • Food supplements clinical studies
    Clinical studies can be conducted in various settings :
    – at the Centre d’Etudes Cliniques
    – in private practices
    – in hospitals or private clinics

The Centre d’Etudes Cliniques is specialised in the assessment of safety, efficacy and acceptability of food supplements, cosmetic and dermatological products.