Cosmetic Clinical Studies

Tolerance Test

Studies under medical supervision: dermatologist, ophthalmologist, paediatrician, gynaecologist, …

  • Use tests under normal conditions of use
  • Inclusion of volunteers according to specific criteria and desired claims
  • Physical examination and scoring of physical clinical signs and functional signs
  • Cosmetics product evaluation questionnaire for assessment of quality and performance

Efficacy Test

Studies conducted under normal conditions of use or under standard conditions

  • Inclusion of volunteers according to claims substantiation
  • Efficacy by clinical scoring (Visual Analogical Scale, validated clinical scoring index , clinical scoring based on objective photographic references, complexion color according to a colorimetric method) by a trained investigator
  • Efficacy by objective measurements of cutaneous parameters: skin hydration,transepidermal water loss, viscoelastic properties, skin sebum, skin color, skin pigmentation, skin pH

Instrumental equipment and clinical imaging system available at the Centre d’Etudes Cliniques

  • Corneometer®

  • Tewameter® 

  • Cutometrer®

  • Sebumeter® 

  • Colorimeter®

  • Mexameter® 

  • pH-meter®

  • Digital photographs for clinical imaging

Food supplements clinical studies

Studies conducted on food supplements

  • For cosmetic, dermatological and health purposes

  • Under normal conditions of use

  • Assessment of efficacy based on desired nutrition claims

Clinical studies can be conducted in various settings :

  • At the Centre d’Etudes Cliniques

  • In private practices

  • In hospitals or private clinics

CeC offers opportunities to test on Indian, African, Asian and Caucasian volunteers allowing the conduction of studies in a multi ethnic context.